Q: How do I setup my iPhone 3G with my Exchange email address?

  1. From the home screen of your iPhone, tap Settings .

  2. Tap Mail , Contacts , Calendars ...

  3. Tap Add Account...

  4. Tap Exchange .

  5. Enter the following information replacing hex@ifixcomps.com with your own email address.

    Email : hex@ifixcomps.com
    Username: hex@ifixcomps.com
    Password: <<your password here>>
    Description: <<This defaults to your email address, change as necessary.>>

    Tap Next .
  6. Tap Accept when you see a screen that says Unable to Verify Certificate.

  7. Enter exchange.liveoffice.com when asked for Server name and tap Next.

  8. If successful, you will see Exchange account verified and will be prompted for which data to synchronize. Set the items you want synchronized to ON and tap Save .

  9. Press Sync .

    Note that any existing calendar and contact information on the iPhone will be replaced with data from the Exchange server if you choose to synchronize your calendar and contacts. If you wish to keep the calendar and contact information that is already on your iPhone, synchronize your Mail only.