Q: How do I setup my HTC EVO with my Exchange email address?

How to set up an email account on the HTC EVO 4G

  1. Tap the Home icon (figure 1)
    1. Tap the Grid icon so you can view all installed applications (figure 1)


  1. Open Settings, the tap on the Accounts & sync selection (figure 1)
    1.  Tap on Add account


  1. Select the type of account to add (Microsoft Exchange(figure 2)


  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your account (depending on account type, you will be asked to select what kind of data to sync to your device)
    1. Server Name: exchange.liveoffice.com
    2. Domain Name: exchhosting.com
    3. NOTE: if the email address is user@user.com , replace the @ sign with underscore sign (_) user_user.com (up to 20th character, if the ‘dot’ (.) is the 20th character replaced it with (_) underscore sign.


  1. When complete, the account is added to the list in the Accounts & sync section and data will begin synchronizing to your device
    1. Check the boxes for the types of information you want to synchronize with Exchange Server.


  1. Your email account is now set up on your HTC EVO 4G and must be named -- also be sure to enter your name to be displayed on outgoing messages (figure 8)


Once completed, the HTC EVO 4G will connect to the account and begin retrieving your email. While viewing the message list, you are also able to change the settings that are assigned to this account by tapping the Menu icon -- which is directly to the left of the Home icon -- and then tapping Account settings. The following options are available:

  • Account name
  • Your name
  • Email check frequency
  • Default account (make the current account the default email account on your HTC EVO 4G)
  • Email notifications
  • Select Ringtone
  • Vibrate
  • Incoming settings (to modify IMAP or POP3 server settings)
  • Outgoing settings (to modify SMTP server settings)

The menu icon also gives you more options, which include refresh, compose, folders, accounts and account settings.

Note: if you want to add another email account to your HTC EVO 4G, it is done while viewing the message list of an account that has been previously setup. Tap the Menu icon -- which is directly to the left of the Home icon -- and then tap Accounts. Then start from the top of this guide to add another account.