Q: How do I customize welcome messages?

Welcome Message Template (Optional)

Welcome Message Template


Here you can modify the welcome message template which will be used when welcome message notifications are generated from your Cloud Archive.  Modify the template only if you wish to do so. When you click on Finish, all the changes are synchronized to your Cloud Archive. Do not remove the {password} and {username} tags as they are necessary.

In addition to welcome message text modification you can also add links by selecting the text for which link is to be inserted and clicking the link button from the toolbar on the top. When you click the link button, the following Create link dialog box will appear.


Welcome Message Template (Create Link dialog box)


Here you can choose one of the connection schemes (http or https) and enter the URL in the corresponding textbox.

Click OK to insert the link and return to Welcome Message Template window. Click Finish button to save your settings.

Once you have completed configuration of CloudLink, you will return to the main screen of the application where all the configured tasks are now shown with green icon. See the figure below for details


Configuration completed